2017 Polymer Clay Weekly Challenge – Week #1

This year’s challenge is going to be all about the new technique – the Etching Alternative. So to start off in Week #1 is a brass bound “Broken Heart Pendant”. The left side is a piece of veneer made from an etched plate and the right side is Mokume Gane. As the back is just as important, I have texturized it and added a little color. It currently hangs from a re-sizeable rubber necklace.





2016 Polymer Clay Weekly Challenge – Week #39

leach_linda_leafnecklaceWeek #39 of the 2016 Polymer Clay Challenge includes a wild new piece that I know is over the top, but I love anyway. The necklace incorporates leaves bound in brass strips and brass wire with polymer clay cane work as well as the new liquid clay/alcohol ink over etched copper. The cane was developed to imitate the design on the etched copper sheet.