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2017 Niche Award Winner – Polymer Jewelry








Linda Leach is a well-known midcoast artist comfortable in many genres.  Whether working in clay, oils, metal or digital photography she brings a unique signature to her works of art.  Her latest outside-the-box innovation is the creation of an etching technique for making polymer clay jewelry.  Unlike texture sheets which utilize commercial designs, Linda’s technique enables the artist to use her own designs.  She hand etches the design on copper plate using a permanent sharpie as a resist followed by a soak in a bath of ferric chloride.  The design can then be overlaid with a combination of liquid polymer clay enhanced by the additions of acrylic paint, mica powder, and alcohol ink to create designs that are truly unique.  Her new Etching Alternative© Technique won Linda the coveted 2017 Niche Award in the Polymer Jewelry category.  To view an example of this technique in an exquisite necklace which Linda calls “a wild new piece that I know is over the top” visit her write up at Polymer Clay’s website polymerclaydaily.com.  Polymer Clay notes “Kudos to Linda and what she’s accomplished.”  Linda’s website dancingdragonflies.com showcases her jewelry creations using this new and unusual technique as well as her other original and eclectic multi-media artwork. Linda will be a speaker at the IPCA’s August 2017 Synergy4 Conference in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania (synergyconference.net) She teaches her new technique at the New England Polymer Artist guild viewable on facebook.com and will hold classes at the Synergy4 Conference as well.  Future classes will be announced following the Synergy4 Conference in August. Linda also co-owns with Sandy Clement mainelightscollection.com.